Sunset Crest villas for sale

Sunset Crest Villas for Sale Sunset Crest is a hotspot in Barbados at the moment. Properties in Sunset Crest are highly sought after. This is because they are close to the beach, all the amenities of Holetown and the main west coast supermarket. They are close to Limegrove where there is wonderful shopping. There is also an array of bars, cafes and restaurants in Limegrove. ... Read more

09 Apr, 2019
Small Beach Villas for sale in Barbados

Small beach villas for sale in Barbados We are often asked for details of small beach villas for sale in Barbados. We thought it might be a good idea to list a few of the small beach villas for sale in Barbados: MILORD Milord is a stylish 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom beach front villa for sale in Barbados. It is located on the popular west coast of Barbados. ... Read more

03 Apr, 2019
Sunset Crest Properties for sale

Sunset Crest Properties for sale Sunset Crest has recently become a Barbados hotspot. So many clients are looking to buy on Sunset Crest because of its central location. It is within walking distance of Holetown and a short walk to the beach. It is also a quiet, rural neighbourhood. ... Read more

20 Mar, 2019
Gated community property for sale in Barbados

Gated community property for sale in Barbados is very popular. More and more people from all over the world are looking to move to Barbados. With its balmy climate, beautiful beaches, political stability and lovely people Barbados has a lot to offer. Often visitors looking to buy property prefer to look at property for sale in a gated community. ... Read more

19 Mar, 2019
Top 10 villas to buy in Barbados

Top 10 villas to buy in Barbados Barbados is home to some of the most beautiful villas in the world. Here is our list of the top 10 villas to buy in Barbados. This list is in no particular order. OLIVEWOOD  ... Read more

26 Feb, 2019
Barbados's Newest Restaurant Hot Spots

For such a small island Barbados really packs a punch when it comes to dining options. Visitors to Barbados are totally spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a restaurant now more than ever with the new crop of fantastic eateries that have sprung up this season. ... Read more

27 Jan, 2019
Christmas in Barbados-what's on 2018

Christmas in Barbados It really is no wonder that the beautiful island of Barbados sees visitors flocking to it's shores during the month of December. At Christmas time Barbados provides incredible warm sunny days and slightly cooler evenings than the sticky summer months, making the island the perfect Christmas holiday destination for those living in chillier climes. ... Read more

09 Dec, 2018
Barbados properties for sale under US$1m

Barbados properties for sale under US$1m People all over the world are longing for a better quality of life. Many are considering buying second homes so they can spend their winters amidst balmy sunshine. Buy a home that you can rent to other holiday makers and hopefully it will cover its costs too. ... Read more

21 Nov, 2018
Sunset Crest homes for sale Barbados

SUNSET CREST HOMES FOR SALE Sunset Crest is an increasingly popular area. Location, location, location is usually key to a buyer and Sunset Crest is an a wonderful location. ... Read more

01 Nov, 2018
Barbados Zika virus update 2018

BARBADOS ZIKA VIRUS UPDATE We have just heard good news regarding categorisation of the Zika virus in the Caribbean. Happily, on 18 October 2018 the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) announced that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has removed the Caribbean territories from those areas categorised as having active Zika virus transmission. ... Read more

23 Oct, 2018



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